Love Bomb | Storm of Regrets Collection


In the murky chasm of betrayal's abyss, cheaters and liars lurk, spinning webs of deceit with strands of broken promises and fractured trust. Their hearts, once feigning sincerity, now beat with a hollow thud, resonating with the void that falsehood breeds. Each lie, a stone cast into the serene lake of honesty, sends ripples that mar the once calm waters, spreading outwards, staining their world with the mark of duplicity.

Guilt clings to them like a stubborn shadow, a relentless specter of their misdeeds. It gnaws at their conscience, a ceaseless whisper in the dead of night, recounting tales of their betrayal. The weight of their deceit presses down upon their shoulders, an invisible yoke growing heavier each day. A shackle binds them, crafting a prison of their own making, one from which escape is a distant dream.

They navigate life donning masks, hiding their true selves beneath layers of pretense. Yet, the eyes, windows to the soul, betray the tempest within—a storm of regret, a maelstrom of remorse that refuses to be quelled. Their laughter rings hollow, their smiles fleeting, for beneath the surface, guilt festers, an unhealed wound that seeps sorrow and shame.

They leave a path of broken hearts and wounded spirits in their wake. The trust they once commanded is now a fragile relic, a delicate glass shattered by their deceitful hands. Relationships crumble, friendships decay, and love morphs into a distant memory tainted by the venom of their lies.

Cheaters and liars find themselves trapped in a dance of their own making, a tragic waltz where each step draws them deeper into the shadows. Redemption appears as a dim star, barely perceptible on the horizon of their transgressions. Yet, amidst their guilt, there lies a flicker of hope, a faint possibility of change. Even

36" x 24" (Horizontal)
Width, in 36.00
Height, in 24.00
Thickness, in 0.75


The most errant souls can find a path to redemption should they muster the courage to confront their sins, seek forgiveness, and mend the fractured bonds they have severed.

In the end, cheaters and liars must confront the truth within. Only then can they begin to unburden their hearts, to lift the oppressive weight of their guilt, and to tread once more in the light of honesty and integrity. It is a journey laden with pain and difficulty, but it is the sole path to reclaiming the shattered fragments of their soul and reconstructing a life grounded in trust and truth.

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