The OG Gangster / Lower East Side [LES] New York City


Ah, behold the Lower East Side, or LES, if you're into that trendy abbreviation. A historic neighborhood in the southeastern corner of Manhattan, oozing with nostalgia and tales of days gone by.

Once vast and sprawling, its boundaries have been squeezed to a mere stretch between the Bowery and the East River, trapped like a caged bird between Canal and Houston streets. Oh, how it must have yearned for the days when it could spread its wings from Broadway to the East River and East 14th Street to Fulton and Franklin Streets. Alas, such is the fate of a once-grand neighborhood, now confined to a diminished existence.

But fear not, for amidst the faded glory of this aging district; there arises a beacon of hope - prints in black pinewood frames! Yes, because what else could revive the soul of this historical realm better than a sleek and beautiful art piece adorning any interior? Embrace the cotton-polyester canvas with its proprietary coating, promising to preserve your designs for ages. Vibrancy, they say? Ah, it's locked in, safeguarded against time's relentless grasp.

But alas, let us remember the quirks of this artistic endeavor.

The production process has its own little surprises in store. Prepare yourself for the inevitable, for within a tolerance of +/- 1/8" (a staggering 3.2mm, mind you); size deviations may lurk, ready to test your tolerance. Oh, the irony! Touting precision and yet allowing for such leeway.

So there you have it, the Lower East Side, a once-glorious expanse now reduced to a corner of its former self. Yet amidst the melancholy, here stands our collection of prints, promising to inject life, color, and, dare I say, a semblance of the past into your dwelling. Come, indulge in the age-old charm, but beware, for in this world of art, cynicism lurks, ever ready to paint reality in its most authentic shades.


* For the environmentally-conscious souls, rejoice. These prints are made from sustainably sourced materials, bearing the coveted Forest Stewardship Council certification. Feel the warmth of your virtue radiate as you hang these eco-friendly treasures on your walls.

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