The Ghost Artists' Cryptic Wisdom

Jonathan Shaun Crutcher Chicago 2011


In the dusky underbelly of a city bathed in the surreal glow of neon, where the streets throbbed with the ceaseless cadence of hustlers and hopefuls, I chanced upon a scene that encapsulated the artist's cryptic wisdom.

In a forsaken alley, cloaked in the erratic illumination of a flickering neon sign that audaciously proclaimed "Lady Luck's Palace," I bore witness to the embodiment of a life teetering on the precipice. Here, in this sordid arena, stood a wretched figure, eyes drained of all optimism, locked in a trance as two dice danced within trembling hands, clutching the remnants of a wallet frayed by despair.

The ol' artists' mantra resounded within my very soul: "If you're to craft your masterpiece, my boy, you must wield your brush with sublime precision."

As I observed this tragic protagonist, a somber congregation of spectators had gathered, their faces a canvas painted with a peculiar blend of sympathy and schadenfreude. With every roll of the dice, suspense coursed through the veins of those who comprehended the whimsical capriciousness of destiny.

The sardonic smile of the ol' artist had endowed me with a profound insight – that life's grand stage knew no mercy. It was a realm where fortunes could evaporate like mist with a single careless gesture, where dreams crumbled into the void like fragile empires, and where the intoxicating allure of "just one more stroke" all too often culminated in irreversible tragedy.

Amidst the haunting clink of coins and the whispered entreaties of desperate souls, I discerned that this forsaken alley was but a microcosm of existence itself. In the end, we were all artists, crafting our opulent tapestries upon the nebulous canvas of life.

And, as the ol' artist had forewarned, the stakes were astronomical, the odds capricious, and the cosmos the ultimate arbiter of the grand composition.


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In the heart of that neon-drenched metropolis, I had witnessed the melancholic poetry of existence, a world where the artist's cynical sagacity reverberated through the spirits of those who dared to embark on their creative odysseys upon the turbulent stage of destiny.

-- JSPC [ The Artists' of Wanton ]



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