Château Wanton is More than a Luxury Hotel

We are a branding / marketing consultancy based-on technology and the future of sustainable fibers, textiles, design methods, and CX [customer experience].

On-Demand manufacturing, which allows brands to order as little as one piece at a time, aims to produce only what is likely to be sold.

On-Demand manufacturing at scale can reduce overproduction while providing affordable personalization to customers.

On-Demand fashion means that a brand only starts making a garment when an order has been placed, made-to-order and made-to-measure also have those same principles. The appeal of fast fashion was the ability to consume any and all trends at once, and cheaply, whilst also ordering clothes that would arrive in time for an event the next day, it was based on convenience.

But, the true essence of fashion as an art form was lost. The market was flooded with fast fashion and now many consumers feel like ‘one of the herd’. Marshal Cohen, NPD chief retail analyst, says “fashion is no longer about looking like one of a million but one in a million."

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