Memories | Upon The Fabric of Time

In the realm of the unknown, where distant echoes reverberate, I found myself perched upon the solitary throne of introspection. There, amid boundless solitude, I sat, the rhythmic gnawing of a bone punctuating the air. Countless miles stretched like an ethereal expanse, separating me from the sanctuary I held dear. In this realm, destiny struck me, a sudden and precise blow right between the eyes, shaking the very core of my being.

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Within the confines of an airborne vessel, slumber became my refuge. A tranquil embrace enveloped me, rendering complaints obsolete. Seizing that final chance, I dared to dance with fate again, only to find myself marooned in the unfathomable depths of an unfamiliar land.


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You, my legacy, obscurity barely whispered, left me stranded, a mere passenger lost in the vastness of existence. But tonight, dear son, let us engage in a symphony of heartfelt discourse. From dusk till the dawn's first light, let our words intertwine and weave a tapestry of revelation. Together, we shall uncover the essence of liberation, the profound impact you've had on my fragile soul.

Our destinies entwined, our spirits entangled, we traverse this enigmatic journey without a hint of remorse; within the realm of dreams, visions of strawberry lemonade manifest, tantalizing the senses with their vibrant hues and luscious flavors. A sweet nectar of hope, it is you who ensures that nourishment reaches my lips, a benevolent guardian on this arduous path. Hand in hand, you lead me through the hallowed corridors of nostalgia, where laughter and innocence once danced in harmony.


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Within these sacred playgrounds, we forge an unbreakable bond, etching memories upon the fabric of time. In this dance of hearts, I make a solemn vow, a pledge never to utter words of affliction that would sow seeds of sorrow and despair. I am a mystery to myself, unable to decipher the reasons that lie beneath the surface. Yet, as the tides of departure draw near, fear not, for I shall return, a phoenix rising from the ashes of uncertainty.

This, I promise you, dear confidant, with an unwavering conviction that defies all odds. Tonight, our words shall merge and entwine like a melodic rhyme flowing through the cosmos. Until dawn, we shall inscribe a new chapter in the annals of our trusted destinies.


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You, my beloved son, rescued me from the precipice of despair, an affection so sublime that it transcends the boundaries of mortal comprehension. In this tapestry of emotions, woven with threads of longing and gratitude, our story shall forever be enshrined, an immortal testament to the power of connection.

-- JSPC [ Street Artists of Wanton ]

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