Traci Lords / Love Bleeds / Matte Canvas [ 18 X 12 ]



Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round! Feast your eyes on a limited-edition piece of fine art. with jaw-dropping matte canvases, strutting their artsy charm with an already-included back hanging. It's like a "voilà" moment - hang them up and bam! Your walls transform into an instant gallery.

Hold on tight, creative souls, because the artistic extravaganza continues! We've got a wild array of mediums: stencil, acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, aerosol - you name it, we've got it all in our street art studio. And guess what? We've even spiced things up with a dash of Brass Knuckle Scissor Trademark and Signature flair to elevate this authentic artwork to a new level of calm.

But wait, there's more - and you won't believe it! We care about our dear ol' Mother Earth, so our frames are crafted from ethically sourced radial pine straight from renewable forests. Talk about eco-friendly goodness; you will appreciate...

And let's remember the star of the show - the canvases themselves. They're a magnificent concoction of cotton and polyester, oh-so-posh with their exclusive proprietary coating. It's like adding a sprinkle of magic to every brushstroke!

And hold your breath - our gallery-quality matte edition measures a sleek .048 because it's all about those exquisite details! We've thought of everything and even added soft rubber dots to the bottom back corners for a bit of tender loving care. These canvases aren't just art; they are rarities.

So there you have it, dear connoisseurs of creativity - the most exquisite canvas collection your artistic eyes will ever behold. It's a perfect blend of mind-boggling intrigue and creative explosions, carefully designed to jazz up your space with a captivating rhythm and pace! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now, and let the art adventure begin.


MEET TRACI LORDS: The Hollywood Actress and Singer from the 80s to Now.

In her own words;

All we have here on this earth is those who love us. You said you're lonely,
 blue, and lost your lover. 
Let me console you
; if you surrender, You'll feel no pain
, because I'm the master
 of this game.

For me, porn was about the pain in my life as a child. And I was utterly acting out. I was a wild kid. I was angry at the world. And I was very rebellious, and I wanted to show everybody.

I'm successful despite my past, not because of it! I have a lot of -- I struggle with a lot of shame over my history. There have been times when I've been incredibly embarrassed about what happened to me. I don't think that there is one human being in this world that would wish, you know, to be injured as a kid the way -- in ways that I was.

Sleep is unrated. You consume me. 
I don't even fight. 
Oh, I feel intoxicated...
But beware, I bite. If you're sexy, everybody will love you. That's what I wanted -- for everybody to love me.

I hate the phrase "former porn queen." That part of my life was a long time ago. Think of something else to call me...

It's good to remember where you've been. We're all dancing in the darkness. I feel sublime. 
Then I lose ground
, Tripping on words.
That has no sound of love.

You know, I don't necessarily have any advice. All I can say to young girls is that it's a tough time we're living in. There are a lot of single mothers that are not there all the time. Because they're working, they're trying to support their families. And a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl, that's when you're making decisions and need your guidance. It's a double-edged sword. And stay in school. I know that sounds cliché, but it's true. I wish I had more people around me when I was young. And saying no, stay away from the fire. Go this way.

I am climbing to the top 
of the tallest darkest tree
I need to know
. Where heaven stops and what lies. 
Beyond the dream? I would want to be a very present mother. You know, something that I never had. Hatred is the most significant cancer that we must squash.

My happiest childhood memories are of times in our backyard. My mother had an old clothesline that hung out in front. It seemed like it stretched a mile long, and I loved sitting in the sun while she hung clothes. I have so many other interests: Writing, acting, directing, and real life; I need little pieces to satisfy me. The thirst is profound, and I am complicated.

Be good, or don't get caught,

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