Savage Ballet / Circus of The Damned

Wanton Street Art Camelot


In the swirling, smoke-filled carnival of human connection, there we are, teetering on the razor's edge between desperate need and the wild scream for freedom. Welcome to the heart's grand, grotesque sideshow, where trust is just the con artist waiting to play its next trick.

We're all just clowns in this game, aren't we? Dancing on a tightrope strung between the delicate deceit of a flower's whisper and the vice-like grip of the vine. As we twirl and tumble through the chaos of it all, we're really just cannonballing into love's gaping maw - a monster that beckons us to kneel but hands us a dagger to fight back.

The Dual Nature of Love: A Macabre Dance of Delirium Envision love, if you've got the stomach for it, one moment a tender, blooming idiot, sun-kissed and simple, and the next, a savage beast, gnashing at everything within its cursed reach. It's a cruel and schizophrenic tango, a chaotic waltz of emotional anarchy.

We're all just doomed butterflies, flitting closer to the flame, cooing "Take me if you need me," all the while knowing we'd gut the very hands that try to cage us. A bloody reminder, indeed, of our relentless war for both companionship and our own fierce independence.

The Quest for Trust: A Fool's Errand Trust, that elusive specter, is the chalice we all stagger after, sloshed on hope and blind from the scars of too many back alley brawls. It's a leap into the great unknown, a sad, desperate handout of our shattered hearts to anyone mad enough to catch them.

This journey? A circus of the damned, littered with the carcasses of past betrayals and the shrieks of our own gnawing doubts. We lurch forward, our faces painted with blood and defiance, learning the crooked choreography of this so-called trust as we go.

Love's Paradox: A Riotous Rapture Real Love, the raw, unfiltered chaos of it, is a maelstrom, a tempestuous spell that wrenches your gut and never quite lets go. It's a carnival house of mirrors - all passion, promise, and a kind of terrifying ecstasy that'd have the angels weeping.

For the poor souls ensnared in its tempest, whether man, woman, or those brave hearts marching between, the burden of love is a glorious, crushing anvil, and yet, paradoxically, it's what makes us soar. It pillages and ravages, but damn, does it make us feel alive.

The Gentle Breath of Mutual Lunacy "I need you because you let me breathe." What a beautifully deranged notion! It's not about clutching at salvation; it's about finding that rare freak who throws the windows to your soul wide open and fans the flames. A partner who doesn't merely endure your peculiar brand of insanity but relishes in it, swaying to its rhythm beneath the pale moonlight - that's the kindred spirit you want riding shotgun on this lunatic voyage.

The Unspoken Vow: A Rebellion Against Obscurity As the chaotic odyssey of the relationship snakes and rages, the cry to never be taken lightly becomes a battle hymn. It's a visceral, wild-eyed plea that even as time etches its story in our skin, the inferno that blazes between us never flickers.

The vow to always truly see each other, not as mere specters in life's weary landscape but as the fiery, magnificent disasters we are - that's the real covenant that binds, the alchemy that turns the leaden days into gold.

Silver Chains of Love: A Tangled Testament to Madness Imagine, if your sanity can take it, a future where two lives are hopelessly knotted in a silver snare, each twist a saga, every link a shared scar or guffaw. As we age disgracefully, sinfully, the silver chains of our joint delirium become the most sacred relic of our shared folly, a tribute to every shared tear, every burst of laughter, every demon wrestled in the dirt.

In this furious dance of trust and freedom, love remains the most maddening, seductive, and utterly essential quest of all. It's a journey littered with splendid contradictions, a wild, tender brawl between the need to cling to someone and the urge to howl into the void. So fling open the gates of your heart, and plunge into the fray. For within this storm, this beautiful hurricane of love, lies the throbbing, raw, pulsing heart of existence itself.

Welcome to the ride...

-- JSPC [ The Artists of Wanton ]


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