Loves Rearview Mirror Area Rug


Enjoy the vibrant street art culture with the "Loves Rearview Mirror Area Rug." This limited-edition piece is more than just a rug; it's a statement of artistic expression and urban cool. Originally gracing the walls of an unnamed spot on 39th Street in Kansas City, Missouri, this mural-turned-area rug captures the essence of street art's dynamic and thought-provoking nature. Designed for the art connoisseur and the urban trendsetter alike, this rug is a functional piece of history that brings a slice of the city's heartbeat into your home.

Crafted with 100% recycled polyester, this eco-friendly rug embodies sustainability without compromising style. The vivid, long-lasting colors echo the original artwork's spirit, making each of the 48 available pieces a centerpiece of any room. With its durable construction and easy-care instructions, this area rug is not just a purchase but an investment in art and environmental responsibility.


  • 100% Recycled Polyester base [Chenille Textile]
  • Solid and durable textile resistant to pilling and wrinkling
  • Z Hemmed edges for additional sturdiness and flatness
  • Vibrant colors with the latest printing techniques
  • Limited edition with an authenticated certificate and artist's story
  • Easy to care for with spot cleaning and dry cleaning options

TARGET AUDIENCE: Art enthusiasts, urban style lovers, and sustainability-conscious consumers.

| Pros | Cons |
| Eco-friendly 100% recycled material | Limited availability, only 48 pieces |
| Durable construction and easy maintenance | Exclusive, higher price point for limited edition |
| Vibrant, long-lasting colors | May require professional cleaning services |
| Authentic piece with artist's signature | |
| Adds artistic value and style to any space | |


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