We Ride The Tidal Surge Of The "Mind Fvcker's"


Once upon a Summertime Sadness. Those nights they were wrapped in the bewildering embrace of neon hues and the sweet smell of debaser, where ravens and vultures stage their aerial theater show, flaunting their flight prowess with all the enthusiasm of creatures with a strict no-fly zone curfew.

Amidst this bizarre aerial performance, I had the distinct pleasure of stumbling upon a spectacle that could've been conceptualized by the minds of Lewis Carroll and Salvador Dalí on a particularly whimsical exploration.

Yes, it was a visual treat of minds waltzing in sync with madness, a sight that one might label as a surreal tête-à-tête of cognitive acrobatics.



Presenting the enigmatic "Mind Fvckers," that intrepid diver into flickering minds, plunging into depths where thoughts are like fireflies in a tempest, illuminating the mental landscape sporadically. Fear is nowhere in sight; those odd bedfellows intertwine like partners in a slightly awkward dance. At the same time, sanity pulls off a disappearing act that would make even the most seasoned illusionist envious.

A psychedelic signpost marking the intersection of rationality and kaleidoscopic chaos.

Imagine the vultures within my cranial chamber, not merely chirping but engaging in full-blown conversations. It's as if they decided to host a symposium of sorts, discussing matters of great import while performing somersaults on a demented Ferris Wheel.

Meanwhile, the truths soaked in the heady elixir of pure ether and the lovely Absinthe conduct a waltz, an unpredictable dance routine that would leave ballroom enthusiasts gasping.


wanton Streetwear Jonathan Shaun Crutcher


Theirs is a performance of twists and turns, a choreography that makes one question whether these truths have a sense of direction or are simply enjoying a philosophical rave.

The spotlight now shifts to our illustrious "Mind Fvckers," the maestro of mental layers. This virtuoso delves into the intricate folds of cognition, peeling them back like layers of raw onion, only to find reality splintering into an array of pieces that resemble abstract art created by a particularly agitated toddler.

And where, you ask, do these fragments of reality find their cozy retreat?

Why, none other than the minds' very own asylum, where the deranged and the bemused find their corners to ponder existence's peculiarities.



And let's not forget the ethereal concoctions of my lovely Absinthe and pure ether, the enchanting brews that guide the tapestry of human woes. The fabric of human tribulations unwind with each sip, a kaleidoscope revealing moments of mundane musings and profound revelations.

As our journey leads us deeper into the intricate corridors of thought, guided by the chattering raven squadron, we encounter a maze where pathways twist, and distortions reign.

Truths emerge like ink sprayed on the walls of this city street during a particularly passionate creative frenzy, bleeding into the very essence of the urban sprawl.

Salute, if you will, to the curious and the peculiar, to the realms where reality dons the disguise of a shape-shifting chameleon. With the spirits of the estranged as our companions, we ride the tidal surge of the "Mind Fvcker's" anthem.

They will not follow me; they fear the reality that will take them to places their weak souls were never meant to be. In the heart of darkness, I roam in search of the truths buried in these idiosyncratic places.


jonathan Shaun Crutcher Wanton Streetwear


So raise a toast to the twisted and strange, Where reality's boundaries rearrange; in the spirit of the estranged, we ride the tide; in this life of vivid colors and new ground, we confide. Here's to a life that defies conventions and revels in the kaleidoscope of human experience.

- JSPC [ The Street Artists of Wanton ]




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