A Girl Walks Into A Photo Booth | Shower Curtain | Edition. 048


Unveiling Elegance: Elevate Your Bathroom 

So, you've conquered the world outside, but what about your bathroom? Hey you, we bring you a shower curtain that's not just a curtain – a work of art that turns your bathroom into a masterpiece. Only .001 of. 048 in existence.

Feast Your Eyes on Fusion Wonder

Why settle for a plain, boring curtain when you can have a daily dose of art? This solid and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly. Crafted from the stuff of legends – durable Recycled Polyester – it laughs in the face of water splashes. 

Sustainability Gets a Glam Upgrade 

Oh, you think a curtain can't save the world? Think again! Our curtain isn't just a pretty face. It's made from 100% Recycled Polyester [PET], so you're hugging a planet-friendly masterpiece every time you shower.

The art on it? It's so high-definition; even you wish you were there... in the photo booth with the Gentle Lady herself.

Luxury that Wears the Crown, Forever...

Built like a fortress, it won't back down from daily showers. It's like that reliable friend who always has your back – in this case, it's your Back & your Front. It's an investment purchase that practically pampers you, like getting a spa treatment every day. And just like you, it refuses to age, thanks to its low-maintenance charm.

Easy-Peasy Installation

Is it installing our curtain? More accessible than picking your daily outfit – and equally refined. 12-piece hooks not included. For a smoother experience, add an inner waterproof shower liner. Not an absolute necessity; however, a best practice.

Your bathroom deserves it. Time to level up your bathroom aesthetics. Shop this rare masterpiece today.

-- The Street Artists of Wanton

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