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When you support our crew, you are saving plastics from landfills, oceans, and streets - by assisting in the cleanup of debris left behind.

We live by the triple bottom line. [ People, Planet, and Not Just Profit.]

Deepening the Impact of Wanton Creative Agency

The Wanton Creative Agency, at the heart of, is more than just a bridge between street art culture and commercial enterprise. It’s a platform that empowers individual artists, integrating their artwork into the very fabric of our brand’s identity and strategy. Our multifaceted role includes identifying emerging talents, orchestrating collaborations, and ensuring that each project aligns with the ethos of both the artist and the Wanton brand. This strategic partnership extends beyond typical product launches, encompassing community projects and exclusive events that celebrate the role of street art in contemporary culture.

By nurturing these collaborations, Wanton Creative Agency ensures that each product is not merely a commodity but a piece of a larger narrative that supports and promotes the arts community. This holistic approach not only enhances the product offerings but significantly impacts the artists involved, providing them with a platform to gain visibility and commercial viability.

Further Detailing the Signature Offerings of

  • The Canvas of the Streets on Apparel: Our inventory at Wanton transforms everyday apparel into wearable art. Each clothing item is a canvas, capturing and conveying the raw, energetic vibes of street art. These pieces are not just fashion, they’re personal storytelling and artistic expression, appealing to those who see fashion as a way to inspire and be inspired.
  • Living Spaces as Art Galleries: Wanton's home decor extends the street art aesthetic into personal spaces, turning homes into galleries. Items like artist-designed sofa throws and vibrant wall frames allow customers to infuse their environments with creativity and inspiration, turning every corner into a showcase of artistic flair.
  • Ride the Artistic Wave: The skateboard collection at Wanton emphasizes the artistic aspect of skate culture. Each board features bespoke artwork, turning functional sports equipment into a display of rolling art, ideal for both practitioners and collectors.
  • Collaborative Innovations: Our collaborations at Wanton are about more than just creating products. They’re about building a community and fostering a symbiotic relationship between artists and the brand. They enhance community ties, ensuring that each piece sold contributes back to the creative ecosystems that inspire them. We invite you to be a part of this vibrant community.